SOLA Release 1402a

SOLA Release 1402a updates the SOLA Release Candidate with over 150 bug fixes and enhancements. New features added for this release include

  • Support for large scale First Registration activities using SOLA's Systematic Registation features
  • Russian, Arabic and French translations for the SOLA Desktop application
  • Bulk loading of spatial features from shapefile
  • Support for importing GPS coordinate data files generated by Trimble Pathfinder software
  • Multiple coordinate systems support allowing users to project features into different coordinate systems from the SOLA Map Viewer
  • Bulk assignment of applications to users
  • Mandatory recording of gender for rightholders and applicants to promote gender equality in tenure rights for land, fisheries and forest
  • Text field watermark to provide example data entry values (for dates, etc). 
  • Export of selected spatial features to KML for display in Google Earth
  • Configurable user password expiry
  • Compliance with enhanced Java Web Start security requirements introduced by Oracle in recent Java updates

The SOLA Development Team would like to invite members of the SOLA Community, in particular developers working in the land administration area and potential users of SOLA to review and comment on Release 1402a. Your comments can be sent via email to and the team will endeavour to respond to your feedback.

SOLA Release 1402a is available in three forms:

  1. The SOLA Release 1402a Web Start Applications, demonstrating the functions of the SOLA Desktop and SOLA Admin. These applications are deployed using Java Web Start technology. Users must have internet access and a local installation of the Java SE Runtime Environment 7 to run the web start applications.

  2. The SOLA Developers Bundle 1402a that includes instructions on how to install and configure the development tools used for SOLA, along with the source code, database backup and supporting configuration files. The SOLA Developers Bundle also includes instructions on how to refresh earlier releases of the SOLA Developers Bundle to use SOLA Release 1402a.

  3. As source code from Github SOLA-FAO repositories. To use this source code you will need to sign up for a Github account and install Git. The Github help provides informative tutorials on how to achieve these tasks. Note that SOLA uses 10 Git repositories. For details on how to manage these repositories, see the README.txt in the code repository. These repositories are under constant development by the SOLA Development Team. To obtain the source code for the 1402a Release, checkout the release-1402a tag or the release branch. 

Documentation supporting the this release including the SOLA User Guide is available here. The license for the release is available here.